But What Exactly is Predictive Maintenance?

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predictive maintenance system helps manufacturing businesses with condition-monitoring tools to track the performance of any equipment in idle, normal, and peak performance states.

Think of it like an AI-powered crystal ball for manufacturers to predict the future.

The data you glean from machines operating at different conditions can help you plan future maintenance schedules and prevent sudden machine failures or downtimes.

And it doesn’t need babysitting like other machines in your plant do. IoT-powered means smart and self-sufficient (to a large extent).

It also means it doesn’t take water or smoke breaks every 30 minutes as your human personnel does.

How Predictive Maintenance Works

Predictive maintenance relies heavily on IoT. When you attach an IoT device and sensors to manufacturing equipment, it starts recording the machine’s real-time performance data.

Condition-based monitoring is not much different. It’s all about automating the painstakingly tough and manual job of collecting real-time machine data with the help of an IoT device.

For instance, here are a few equipment data that an IoT sensor capture by monitoring the machine in  real-time:

  • Vibration
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Chemical content
  • Liquid/Solid levels

And here’s the best part about it. Once the sensors collect the above information, it automatically pushes the data to a cloud platform where it is fed into an AI- or ML-enabled system.

This is to analyze the processed data and predict future problems based on present and past data patterns.

Finally, the data reaches the maintenance specialists so that their team can make contingency plans around future downtimes.

A Better Solution to the Persistent Problem

Simply put, implementing an IoT-based predictive maintenance strategy will put your operational efficiency in autopilot.

It will do all the grunt work for your business—identifying the downtime patterns, automating the real-time data across all teams/systems, and interpreting the data for you.


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