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Energy Monitoring

Why do you need an energy model? Because you want to detect important performance changes, and you can’t detect them by monitoring consumption alone. Energy consumption in a building or facility may go up and down every day due to factors that you can’t control. On a hot day, more energy will be consumed in air conditioning than on a mild day.

That’s normal and to be expected. But what if you just made improvements to the air conditioning system? You’re expecting consumption to go down… but due to an unusually hot period, it’s gone up. Without your improvements, it probably would have gone up more, but how much more? We can discuss more and how we can fit in your plant.

Why Monitor Energy Consumption?

Reasons why monitoring your energy consumption in your facility is a success factor for saving profits because it allows the team to:

  • Benchmark the site consumption against other sites or against standards
  • Identify normal patterns of consumption or patterns that correspond to the building’s optimum setup, and to identify promptly when some change occurs. That change could be due to a fault in the system, to someone overriding a setting and not returning it to its original value, to some other change like new equipment being brought in, or to an increase or decrease in the occupancy. Whatever the cause, an energy monitoring system would show the facility manager that there is a deviation from the expected energy performance and allow him to investigate, discover and solve the problem much more quickly
  • Provide data that can be analyzed to determine if a change to a setting had a positive or negative effect on energy consumption If modelling is supported, provide a “what if” analysis that may help the facility manager anticipate this influence of changes in drivers such as production level or occupancy.

Access to energy consumption data in real time is invaluable