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Energy Savings Technology

REDUCE ELECTRICITY BILLS UP TO 30%. We are in tough economic times, so it would be easy to say that now is not the time to invest in energy efficiency. The reverse is true. We need the cost savings that energy efficiency will bring us. If your business has an energy bill of 60M Naira per year, a 10% reduction would yield around 6M Naira per year in lower costs.

Let’s imagine that instead of going for cost reduction, you try to increase sales instead. If your pre-tax earnings margin is 15%, then you would have to increase sales by 40 million Naira per year to get the same impact.

And how would you do it? Most of the time you can’t be certain that the actions you would take to boost sales will deliver the expected results. You might be left with expensive advertising campaigns and new product development, and insufficient payback. We can see the effects of combining these approaches here. You could save 10 to 15% of your consumption with passive energy efficiency measures dealing with efficient devices and installation.

Further Optimize Devices

You could take that further with automation and regulation to optimize the usage of those devices – another 5 to 15%. Then, your monitoring program could bring another 2 – 8%, by noticing deviations and allowing you to correct them quickly. Depending on your facility, you could readily save 30%. However, you can lose these savings quickly if you don’t keep your monitoring and maintenance program in place.

Automated systems can drift away from optimal performance as small adjustments are made over time. People can slip back into energy-wasting behaviour if deviations are undetected and expectations are not reinforced. Power reliability is also an important contributor – efficiency gains can be lost quickly if there are unplanned, unmanaged shutdowns of equipment and processes. Without proper monitoring, each year 8% of savings can be lost. Thanks.

Access to energy consumption data in real time is invaluable