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Energy efficiency is the cornerstone of all sustainable energy strategies. Implementing a comprehensive energy efficiency projects that pay for itself through the energy savings can be a complex undertaking. There is an increasing global need to implement energy efficiency projects on a widespread basis to reduce.


Energy4All offers real-time energy monitoring systems consisting of a series of meters and computer software that allows you to view how much energy your facility is consuming in real-time. Access to energy consumption data in real-time is invaluable. When this information is availed, one can easily identify areas of inefficiency within their facility and opt for energy-saving solutions or programs to reduce the energy wastage.


After addressing the issues identified by the real-time monitoring, less energy usage doesn’t just lower your utility bills and operating costs, it also reduces your carbon footprint and makes your business more marketable to the public.

Moreover, less operating costs gives one room to sell their products a little cheaper than their competitors while maintaining the same profit margin. Our power monitoring instruments are currently installed in manufacturing factories, shopping malls, hospitals, apartment complexes, college campuses, data centres, and more!


Energy4All develops a home built advanced artificial intelligence analytics in order to detect and visualize new energy savings opportunities that is cost-effective for industrial and commercial sectors.

Some of our benefits include improve energy performance, provide real-time visibility for each energy consumed, reduce the cost of power generation by 10% within the first 6months, energy audits and many more.

Access to energy consumption data in real time is invaluable